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“Roller Shades

Another option are roller shades for Phoenix houses. These are mounted at the top of the window, usually inside the molding or just outside it. Like roman shades, they lie flat when closed. To open it, all one has to do is tug on the bottom rail and the spring-loaded mechanism at the top drags it up automatically. They have two drawbacks: the constant tugging can result in the mechanism to break down, and getting it to the exact height you want needs some getting used to.

Balloon Shades

Similar to roman shades, balloon shades look pretty good as décor. This can have a dramatic effect especially when the fabric has a shiny texture like silk or lace. Gathered up at the top third of a window, these shades give the room a certain traditional flair. However, it is more decorative than functional and may require a bit more attention like straightening and fluffing. They are easy to make though, and some enterprising homeowners probably can sew their own without any tr